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Monday, January 26, 2009

Excerpts from a letter to Mom

This Monday school is back in full swing. A few kids are still home
sick, but everything seems ok for the moment. Thanks for praying.

I'm teaching Bible English class this Tuesday again. First time since I
got back. I seem to have a new crop of students. Last time was mostly
college students. This time seems to be people who haven't come to
church for years. It'll be interesting to have some believers in Christ
(and some people who only believe in church) in the class again.

The more I stay here, the more I realize this is going to take a lifetime.

The high school chaplain here has been a little extra odd lately. She
doesn't seem that engaged in planning chapel or events, she cancels
religion department meetings. She canceled today's meeting - even though
other members have things they want to talk about - saying, "next week!
next week!" Let's say she is not growing on me.


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