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Thursday, January 01, 2009

deja vu?

Last Tuesday (when I was in Japan), I found myself sitting at a bar with
some friends. And it occurred to me that the last time I had been to
this bar was more than a year and a half ago. At that time I had had a
talk with some guy friends about how having a girlfriend in Japan was a
necessity. At that time I had felt so alone, I was convinced they were
right. And when I had the opportunity come, I seized it.

Fast forward back to the present. Now I sit at the same bar, listening
to a friend talk about how he is worthless because he doesn't have a
girlfriend (and I've just broken up with my girlfriend), and this seems
like an obvious lie. I remember falling for it too. A person's purpose
for living can't be completely wrapped up in just one other human being.
True, this can be a part of a good life, but it's not everything.

Another friend tried to tell him that there was meaning in his life
because he was still studying in Japan. My friend had been here long
enough to know that just studying in Japan is not enough reason to give
meaning to your life. :)

Recently, I've been thinking, even if I became a great English teacher
(and even had a family) that wouldn't be enough in itself to give life
meaning either.

My drunk friend was also trying to prove to everyone what an "asshole"
he is. He's coming to realize he is no where near perfect - as are we
all. For that matter, his future girlfriend will never be perfect either.

As Christians we have a relationship with the only perfect being, God.
It sounds crazy, but more than drinking, or girlfriends, cars or iPods,
this gives meaning to our lives. The Bible tells us how to live for our
own benefit - and how to benefit others. It surprises me how quickly we
give that up and forget what we have.

As for my drunk friend, he didn't want to hear that at the moment. But
when the opportune moment comes, I'll be there.

Sitting in the exact same place, similar situation, but my opinion has
completely changed. What a difference a year makes.


Blogger Jim Ellis said...

good post...


1/01/2009 6:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. I agree with Jim. I may even go so far as to say, great post. And here I am sitting around writing about the best movies/books/comics etc were of the year, that I saw/read/read. Heh.

To live, it seems, is to learn. And I certainly hope to continue to learn. Thanks for the post.

God bless you,

Nick D.

1/03/2009 3:37 AM  

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