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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reading the paper over lunch

Most of the students have gotten influenza. All students are now
dismissed from school except third year high school students because
they have only one week of school left before finals. So I read the
Japan Times over lunch and it ended up being quite informative.

For those of you without Facebook, here's an overview:

Why English isn't being taught well in Japan? Hear it from a Japanese
teacher. (like I've been saying, micro management by an uninformed and
distant national bureaucracy which leads everyone to a feeling of
"Shame over poor English level lies with education ministry"

The Burakumin are a minority in Japan who is discriminated against
because of their family history or being involved in "unclean" acts
prohibited by Buddhism or Shintoism - like butchering animals:
"Breaking the silence on the Burakumin - Minority community has plenty to

"2channel" the largest post board on the web, and the most influential
place on the Japanese internet:
"2-Channel Gives Japan's Famously Quiet People a Mighty Voice"

Enjoy! ...I'm gonna get back to work now. ^_^


Blogger Jim Ellis said...

that 2 channel article was very intersting

1/24/2009 1:27 AM  

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