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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Advanced English Seminar

So, last Wed I taught an "advanced English seminar" to junior highers. It was a voluntary class, and you had to have about a B+ average to get in.

My lesson was basically test-prep reading, and that was popular. I had no idea how advanced these advanced students would be, so there were four short readings from fake flyers about finding an apartment.

After some initial macro and micro reading questions, I gave them roles like, I'm a college student without much money or, I work full time and have a car. I intended to put them into groups with these roles and have them choose a place to live together.

As it turns out, not all the students like each other, and insisted on making groups across the room instead of with nearby pairs. So grouping ended up taking too much time, and I ended up scrapping that and giving roles by row and randomly choosing one person to announce which place they had chosen and why.

Apparently a few students complained that the class was too easy - also our goals of learning were a little different - but I also met a student today who said it was just the right level of challenge.

It was a little scary only teaching one lesson to "advanced students". I learned a little about their learning styles - besides picky groups they also seem to question why i would mix other skills with their reading and writing. I'll readjust my strategies for next time.


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