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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Japan Prayer Letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you may have heard, in two weeks I’ll be heading to Japan to teach English with a church for two months from July 21 to September 23. The church is called the Gifu Full Gospel Church. I became aware of this program through one of my Japanese exchange student friends at Biola University. His father is the pastor of this church. The Summer English Program will largely be a cooperation between myself, the pastor Daiso Koyama and a few other church members. We highly covet your prayers!

The program will take students of all ages from inside and outside the church. It will go from Tuesday to Sunday for about 3 weeks. There will be children’s, junior high, high school and adult classes as well as Bible studies. I’ll also be helping out with services and the youth group. The classes will be held at the main church and three branch churches. A minimal fee will be charged. The church has already begun publicizing the program in the community, and when I arrive, I will also be involved in further promotion. The pastor has asked me to pray for a total of at least 50 students which is the church’s goal.

Please also pray…

· that God would use us and His Spirit to bring new believers into the church.

· that church members and especially youth group members would be encouraged through the program.

· that new members and families would be welcomed into the church.

· for smooth relationships between program staff, church members and the community.

· for quality English lessons and Bible study times.

· for traveling mercies.

Prayer is one of the ways that believers across the globe can be united. I truly believe that prayer does make a difference, and I appreciate each and every one of your prayers! I’ll try to at least send out an update at the end of the program. Thank you in advance for your support!




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I'll be praying for you Nick.

7/09/2011 11:48 AM  

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