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Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year, New Job

So, I got a job working at an English camp for Korean elementary and
junior high students this January which I am enjoying very much so far.
:) That is not to say it not without it's difficulties.

My first day of real work was on Friday. The boys and girls seem to
still be at the age where they don't like to mix. Which causes some
commotion sometimes with activities, especially partner activities and

On Thursday we had given the kids placement tests (the Michigan Test, an
interview speaking test and a short paragraph writing test). Three of
us teachers supervised all of the tests, and I could really see the need
for clearly defined criteria for the tests. My goal was to work on that
this weekend, but it got pushed back for now. :)

Anyway, there are only 20 students and we have an upper and a lower
level class. In the morning, another teacher and I take turns teaching
each level for an hour and half. We teacher the kids out of a version
of Interchange that targets younger learners called "Connections".

There is a third teacher who always works the afternoon classes (which
are more fun activities). On Friday we tried to do a listening and
writing activity using the movie "Up", but the students feel asleep. We
learned not to show movies to jet-lagged teenagers. :)

Half-way through we changed activities completely to "teaching" football
and frisbee outside to keep the kids active. We at least got to know
the kids better and built better relationships that way. :)


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