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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Retro Blogging: E-camp Day 1

I took off from LAX at 2am. While sitting waiting for the plane to take
off, I met a family who was being sent to the Philippines (or
Indonesia?) to begin work with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

After dinner on the flight, I had some sort of food poisoning from the
chicken and rice (which the stewardesses said no one else on the flight
had reported). I ended up vomiting the food back up in bathroom.
Thankfully I was in an aisle seat.

Being sick for about 12 hours on the flight, I was worried that I'd be
sick for a good part of my time in Taiwan, but thankfully after the
first day or so I was feeling ok again. I don't know why I tend to get
sick on planes.

I came to camp a day early and met some of the staff who also got there
early. This was great because later there would be nearly 50 people,
and that's too many to get to know at one time. Dorothy, my teacher
that I had met up with once in LA, was there at the airport to pick us
up along with some of the other senior staff.

Although I was unaware of it at the time, I had flown from LA to Taipei
with my roommate to be, Gerald, whom I finally met at the Taipei airport
with the others. He proved to be both encouraging and obnoxious.

Since we were early, we got an ad-lib tour of campus (which didn't
include the popular cafeterias, the gym or the library) and then a tour
of downtown and the famous glass museum.

For lunch we ordered at the cafeteria next to the seven-eleven. This
was where I first realized how knowing little Mandarin was going effect
my communication in Taiwan. I had my first soy milk there which was
delicious. I really loved having soy milk in Taiwan.

In the afternoon, we went downtown and to the glass museum. Then we
returned to campus, helped make posters, played cards, and had dinner.

That's all I remember of the first day. The next day everyone would
come and we would start off full-swing.


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