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Monday, August 23, 2010

Retro Blog, Day 2: team building

Today the entire team finally arrived and we had a retreat. Here, I had
my first real tastes of Taiwanese food and the family style dining that
I quickly grew to love. We also played a lot of camp-type games that we
would also end up playing with students in our free time. It was a
great time of getting to know the staff that I would work so closely
with over the next two weeks.

Here we got the devotion / reflection guides and started to use them
already in the mornings. They were written by our fourth roommate who
hadn't shown up yet because he was coming directly from another mission
trip. I really appreciated the time the devotions gave us for
reflection and being in God's word.

The toughest thing about these two days was finding out that I had
misunderstood the stipend I would be getting and it would be
considerably less than what I had planned on in my budget for the next
school year. Being in a new country, you go through cycles of happiness
and doubt. In my experience, the waves are usually bigger in the
beginning and smaller later on. At certain points in the day, I was
already doubting if I should even be in Taiwan, and the deal with the
stipend didn't help confirm things. We stayed the night until Saturday,
and by then, although it wasn't what I had expected, I was sure that
this was still the perfect place that God wanted me to be.

The pictures are of the basketball courts, starting a barbecue, and one
of the student helpers from Taiwan giving us a short presentation about
life in Taiwan.


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