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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Where are all the young people?

After the Mother's Day visit to the graves today there was a "bring your own bento" picnic. 

I'm pretty sure everyone there except for the pastor and I were retired.  I heard them say things like:

1) "to bad there aren't many young people here anymore."
2) "we used to walk all the way here when I was a student.  Students these days could never do that."
3) "all the young people are probably at the Fukuin Church"

Frankly, all the whining got under my skin, but I couldn't find a good way to talk back so I just sat there and listened.  Here are the responses I wish I could have said:

1) If you would schedule your events at times that are convenient for working people - most events are scheduled at about 10 am on weekdays when anyone under the age of sixty is either working or in school - young people might come.  Also, if you would invite your own family here, there might be a few more young Christians here.

2) I'm sure walking uphill both ways to school was very good for your health, but isn't it nice that students these days only have to walk to school uphill one way?  Grow up.  Acting like you used to be stronger than students are now isn't mature.  It's just a waste of time.  Maybe you could try putting yourself in their shoes instead of telling them that shoes used to be bigger when you were young. 

3)  I've been to the Fukuin Church and the people there aren't any younger.  Absence of youth is a problem religions have throughout Japan and the world.  Quit looking at the spec in your neighbor's eye.    Stop wasting time gossiping about your neighbor and do something about it yourself.


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