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Monday, April 06, 2009

where am I going?

In a facebook comment, I just thought out where I am, where I am going, and why.  Many thanks to the many people who are wiser than me (and the Spirit of God), whose voices I seem to now hear inside my own voice.  Compared to who I was two or three years ago, I can hardly believe this is me talking.

Here's the comment:

Really treasure the time you have with people here. But I bet you already know that. :)

As I plan events at school, and read about events at church and around town, I'm starting to realize I won't be here for some of them!

Spring is the season of change here, and it seems like this time around everything at church and at school is changing. And I kind of want to stay and see how it turns out. But I chose to leave before I knew all this would happen!

Really, I don't care about the school, or the denomination or the other institutions.  I like these people here. 

But I can't stay here at this school like this.  I want to become stronger.  And by that I mean I want to become a better teacher, and be in a place where I can spread the gospel more clearly.  That's why I'm going home.

Thanks for listening.


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