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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine flu info 豚インフルエンザ情報

Some recycled info from the JET email list:

Information about the Swine Flu (Influenza A virus subtype H1N1).

Currently classified as a phase 4 pandemic alert by the World Health Organization.

1) Incubation period from anywhere of 10+ hours to about 7 days (most causes become apparent within 2-3 days) and cause a sudden fever.

2) The fever increases rapidly to a fever of 38-39 degrees celsius (that's about 100-102 for the Fahrenheit people)

3) Other symptoms include headache, muscle aches and soreness, and a general strong lethargic feeling all over the body
Currently the virus is not thought to be completely adapted to spreading effectively from human beings to human beings, but the number of reported cases are on the rise so taking precautions to avoid infection is the wisest course of action.
Things you can to to avoid the flu:
1) Practice good sanitary habits (gargling, washing hands with warm water and soap, etc.)

2) Practice healthy daily living habits - don't overtire yourself or let your immune system get weak

3) Wear a face mask when going outdoors

4) Avoid crowds and going outside when unnecessary

5) Be sure to cook your meat well (poultry, pork, etc.) at 75 degrees celsius (that's 167 degrees Fahrenheit) for at least 1 minute

6) Avoid poultry farms, pig farms, and other areas where livestock are handled
Currently there are no reported cases in Japan, and the Japanese government has stepped up its quarantine procedures at all entry points into the country. Since Golden Week is starting and many people are traveling abroad, I want to make sure that everyone takes all the necessary precautions to stay healthy and avoid infection.
Please remember:
If you are traveling and you don't feel well, first of all, adjust your plans accordingly to give you plenty of time to rest.
If you have a fever of 38 degrees celsius (100 F) or higher you shouldn't be moving- go to the doctor immediately.
You may see more rigorous screening when entering Japan. Obviously, anyone who is infected with the swine influenza virus will not be allowed into Japan, and this includes JETs and Japanese nationals.


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