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Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Here in Japan, April is not only the beginning of spring.  It's also the beginning of the fiscal and school years.  It's the time of year when people retire, and people find new jobs.  It's also the time students enter a new junior high, high school or college for the first time.

Especially this year, there have been many new beginnings and ends.

Let's start with the ends:

  1. My manic-depressant English teacher retired.
  2. The older female gym teacher retired.  She was one of few people at school who bothered to teach me useful Japanese.
  3. My pastor at church in the morning retired.
  4. The head of ecumenical missions in Japan was let go.
  5. My supervisor within Japan is returning with his wife to America to look after his aging father.
  6. The first class of freshman I taught just graduated.
Now for the beginnings:
  1. We hired two new part-time English teachers.  I can't wait to meet them. 
  2. The younger female gym teacher is getting married this Saturday!  And it'll be my first Japanese wedding. :)
  3. There's a new incoming class of students.
  4. One of my friends is having a baby in May!
  5. We have a new pastor downtown.
I guess that's about it.  But it's still exciting. :)


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