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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

this one takes the cake

This afternoon, at four thirty on a Wednesday afternoon, the high school chaplain comes in and says "coffee, coffee!  I need some coffee for my hangover!" 

Her conversation with me starts like this:

"NB, have you ever had a hangover?"

"Yeah, but just a headache.  Nothing too serious."

"Well, I have a hangover today!"

"It's Wednesday isn't it?"

"Yeah, well after the graduation ceremony, I went out with some of the other teachers..."

This hangover was evidently so bad that in the morning she didn't drive herself to school. 

After she had finished her coffee, she went into the neighboring office, made more coffee, and retold the same story.  Is this just a cry for attention?

If she was drinking with other teachers, I'm sure they had hangovers too.  But none of them felt obliged to spend their afternoon telling the rest of the staff about it.  And those teachers are not the chaplain or the head of the religion department either.

I've said it before: why is someone who should be one of the best examples one of the worst?  ugh.


Blogger *cq* said...

i haven't been the most updated person with blogs since returning to malaysia but it's always nice to come to your site to find it nicely updated. ur frustrations and thoughts - they sound like valid frustrations about things that matter. a thought that popped up - if life is really about living for what's eternal, i feel like i've stopped truly living since returning to homeland. it's prob weird to think that way, not sure if u understand what i mean. bottomline is - u're doing gr8, keep going!

3/06/2009 12:29 AM  
Blogger Appelgates said...

Sounds frustating but its great to know we have a God that is constantly pouring out His grace and mercy to us all. Otherwise, we all would be failures in this world.

3/06/2009 9:08 AM  
Blogger Tom said...

Your chaplain seems to have many issues--it's got to be frustrating. I've noticed that the students who tend to frustrate me are often dealing with issues elsewhere in their lives (parents divorcing, trouble with siblings, illness, parental abuse or neglect, etc.) Probably it's the same for your chaplain. In any case, the question you pose in closing, "Why...?" is important and deserves some serious consideration when the frustration has dissipated a bit (though I'm sure you've been wondering why all along...) I'll pray for patience and wisdom for you.

3/06/2009 9:32 AM  

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