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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Senator Charles Grassley sticks his foot in his mouth

Today Mr. Grassley stuck his foot in his mouth here saying that members of AIG should do the humble Japanese thing and commit suicide before apologizing.

That defiantly made the news in Japan this morning. And although no one had ever heard of Tom Grassley or my home state before. They have now.

Yes, it's true the AIG bonuses are horrendous. And Japanese people are famous the world over for committing suicide. But there's no reason to put the two of them together right now.

UPDATE: on the drive home with my co-worker Senator Grassley was on the TV again. My co-worker laughed. He wasn't offended at all. He said, "It's funny because Japanese people aren't crazy like that any more (i.e. samurai style harakiri or WW2 kamikaze type suicide)."


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