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Thursday, March 12, 2009

an invitation

The other day during her coffee break, the high school chaplain invited me out for "rotating sushi" someday.  But not right now because she has the shaken 車検 (mandatory car exam) coming up and might not have money left after that.  In fact, she has NEVER been to rotating sushi in town during the TWENTY years she has lived here. 

There is an English teacher in my office who seems to be friends with the chaplain.  They go around at the school festival together.  They went bar hopping 二次会 after the office party together.  They eat lunch together, etc.  However, the chaplain didn't invite that English teacher (although she was even involved in the conversation). 

Although the chaplain speaks some English, she invited a different English teacher (who was not involved in the conversation) to come with us.  This got me thinking.  She's single, and if this one English teacher isn't her friend.  Then she really doesn't have many friends.  This could be the cause or the effect of her personality.

And although I really don't want to go with her (because of her personality).  Because she is the chaplain and I want a chance to talk with her - get her to think about what she is doing here - I'll accept.  I probably should have done this before, but she's always been so unapproachable and cantankerous that I never tried.  I'm still a little scared.

So we'll go out for sushi.  Some day, after final grading, after junior high English camp, after the conference, right around the time I'll start seriously getting into my grad school apps, we'll go out for sushi then.

PS - I also just got an invitation to a co-worker's wedding that I'm really looking forward to.  It'll be my first wedding in Japan!


Blogger Tom said...

Hope it goes well, Nick.

3/13/2009 7:29 AM  

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