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Friday, March 06, 2009

a good laugh

Yesterday after lunch, a student came running into the office saying, "There are cigarette butts in the toilet!"   This isn't the firs time this has happened at school, but this was in the main hallway right next to the offices.  Who could be so presumptuous to smoke right next to the teachers' office?

As you can imagine, a few teachers went into inspect it.  The student discipline office was called, the vice principal was notified.  One of the gym teachers took some disposable chopsticks (this is another use for them) and fished the cigarette butts out of the toilet. 

"These are awfully hard," she said. 

But it turns out they weren't cigarette butts.  They were pieces of Toppo (a small long candy stick made of chocolate covered in waffer). 

The vice principal was renotified that the problem was actually Toppo not tobacco.

in Japanese:
もしもし?すみません、先生。問題はタバコではなくお菓子です。トッポです。 はい!そうでう。すみません!しつれします。

and we all had a good laugh about it in the office. 

Today's good laugh: an English student wrote, "...and I have many chances to speak English with our Native American teacher NB."

(The student meant "American" and/or "native English speaker")


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