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Monday, February 23, 2009

end of the year religion dept meeting

Today's religion meeting was about making bulletins for the "graduation
chapel service" this Friday. Never mind what the service is about, how
and when we make the bulletins was most important matter.

I asked when exactly we were going to make the bulletins. And the high
school chaplain told me, "NB, you know, those special pieces of paper
with the order of service and the nice ribbon. We make them every year,
right?" I KNOW. I asked WHEN are we making them. The other dept members
quickly told me.

She has problems listening. I heard a rumor she has depression too, but
I think that's just an excuse to be lazy.

Another teacher has been on the dept board with us ever since I came
here. Today after school there will be a meeting for new members of the
depts. There's a yearly rotation. Evidently he'll be leaving the
department this year. He said, "Well, it's been three years, and I've
had a lot of experiences here. I'd like to thank everyone for
everything." And the high school chaplain, religion dept head, she
laughed at him! Unbelievable.

The high school chaplain quickly dismissed the meeting and left. We
thanked the other teacher for his three years of service. He knew what
we meant.

I used to think that maybe these were isolated incidents, or maybe I
just wasn't understanding the Japanese well. But now I KNOW this is just
the status quo for the chaplain. I'm trying to put down my angst, pray
for her, and speak the truth in love. But she is SO dense. I'd
appreciate your prayers too.

On a side note, praying for my pastor at church (or perhaps his upcoming
retirement in March) has helped his preaching. He had energy, and
delivered an understandable and applicable message on Sunday about
having joy in all circumstances. That is not the status quo there.


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