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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Yesterday one of my students who graduated last year came to visit our
school. She's still studying English and doing well. She spoke all
English to me, didn't miss a beat, and she's making friends and doing
her best in school - although she says both a bigger school and new
friends are hard. But I told her that's to be expected. That's what
happens to everyone in college. It's good to know your students are
doing well outside your school - although that's not all my fault ;)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ride your bike to work

As gas prices rise here to 180 yen per liter (more than $6 a gallon),
the teacher's bike parking is getting more and more crowded in the
morning. It's a major conversation in the office. Even the adults have
to ride their bike to school. :)

...Other teachers are also taking the bus and train (or even walking)

Earthquakes and Wars

This morning I read an interesting view about the Chinese earthquake relief efforts and how that shows their ability (or lack there of) to invade Taiwan.

see here

Killer quote: “The air force should have been able to get troops into Wenchuan in two hours,” he said, referring to a county near the quake’s epicenter. “It took 44 hours. If it took them 10 hours, that’s understandable. But 44 hours is shameful.”

(full article)