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Thursday, April 10, 2008

I hate global warming

So, cherry blossom time is the best time in Japan. Everyone has picnics
and there are lots of festivals. Everyone makes time for it, so everyone
is generally free. I see people I haven't had a chance to see all year.
It's big deal.

But this year the cherry blossoms are supposed to bloom about 2 or 3
weeks early - next week!

I have a freshman retreat that weekend so I'll be working! I love the
retreat and working with my students, but I wish global warming would
back off a bit so I could enjoy both my work and my friends.

To help stop global warming you can:
- start riding your bike to work or take public transit
- try to create less waste
- turn or lights and appliances (like iPod chargers) you aren't using


Blogger *cq* said...

next week! are u keeping a close eye on the forecast?

yes, that's daisuke. he mentioned he's met u too! invited him for Sunday evening. maybe u can double invite him ;p

4/10/2008 3:36 PM  
Blogger クリス先生 said...

Oh I fixed my blog - thanks :)

4/10/2008 10:15 PM  

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