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Saturday, March 08, 2008

A Tale of Two Schools

I try to be good about anonymity on this blog, so for today's purposes,
we're talking about H high school and O high school. As best I know it,
this is the story of H high school and O high school in my town:

Long ago there was a church, in this church there was a missionary and
his Japanese-Christian friend. The friend had been a samurai. Among many
things, the two men tried to reopen a former samurai school (now banned
under the Meiji Government). Also, some women missionaries came to the
church and started teaching Bible and English classes at church. The
program eventually became so big, they were forced to move out of the
church and find their own building.

These two schools became the only Christian high schools in the area.
However, since O was a boys' school, and H a girls' school, they
complimented each other well. They had dances, retreats, and even music
concerts together. H school spawned a college in the 1970's. Both
schools moved to the suburbs and more modern buildings in the 1960's and

Because of hard times after the economic bubble burst and a sharp
decline in the birthrate O school started accepting female applicants.
Two years later, H school was also forced to start accepting male
applicants. Now, the schools are rivals for enrollment and income.

H school has always prided its high standards in both education and
discipline. Although the frequency and quality of students is declining,
H school is keeping its high standards, especially on the entrance test.
However, this year H school only had 600 applicants, but O school had
over 1200 applicants. H school is cutting salaries to make ends meet.

The rumor among students is that O school has an easier entrance test
than H school.

What do you do with your standards in times of trouble?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you do with your standards in times of trouble? You stick to them. That's when you REALLY find out if your standards are really something you believe in. You never know how good your standards are when you're tempted to compromise them and see if they really are of any value at all.


3/17/2008 4:19 PM  
Blogger NB said...

Yeah, but which do you value more? Standards of education, or standards of keeping your staff paid with food on the table for their families?

...this is also when you find out who on your staff really shares your values.

3/18/2008 8:05 AM  

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