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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I went to the "historical documents" section of the local library this
evening and read up on the first missionaries who came to my town -
which was an experience in itself.

What surprised most was how much I had in common with most of them. Most
of them stayed only a few years (not usually more than 10 years). They
were young, they taught English and Bible classes. In group pictures
they look as confused as I do.

I found another book of old pictures of my older church of that I
disdain. I surprised to see pictures of the people I see now "just
sitting" in pews every Sunday. They were twenty years younger, and out
and about doing things. Twenty years is longer than most of the
missionaries stayed.

In their faded portraits on the walls, the old missionaries all look so
old and wise. And some of them were. But some of them were just young
punks like me.

I've been thinking too much of myself. I think no one else has ever had
to deal with the problems I have here. I think I'm so alone here, but
the more I look around, the more I see that everyone in this tradition
of faith has been in the same boat.

Sometime I might try and go to the college and read the actual
missionary reports there. When will I have time for that?


Blogger *cq* said...

i've always felt for most part of the journey that no one else seems to understand what i'm going through. but my mentor always reminds me i'm not as alone as i think i am.

even if it becomes a solitary journey, our hope is in Him. Ultimately He's the one paving our paths for us...

make sure u end well =) finish the race. to the very end. がんばれ!

2/14/2008 10:35 PM  

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