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Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Flight Home

A side note at the end of this blog post
talks about United losing his luggage. And I believe I've heard this
before: United Airlines is famous for losing luggage, especially in Chicago.

This is fact I forgot when I bought my tickets home. I'm flying United
and transferring through Chicago. Oops.

Has any had similar experiences with United? Can you confirm or deny
this rumor I think I heard? Thanks.


Blogger darin said...


Flying United through Chicago is MUCH more likely to simply result in you spending the night in your choice of a putrid, gray seat in concourse C or springing for a few bucks at a local hotel. This because of the obscene amount of flights in and out of there and Chicago's tendency to have 'surprise' thunder/lightning storms or other bad weather. Counting both ways, I've gone through there about 40 times in the past 5 years and my luggage hasn't been lost, but then again, I almost always carry on, if possible.

12/12/2007 2:41 AM  

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