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Thursday, December 06, 2007

First Japanese Hospital Visit

Today was an exciting day, but don't worry, it's not as serious as it

A few months ago I failed a stomach scan for the annual health check.
Since I could take a day off fairly easily during tests, I went into the
hospital for a second look this morning.

The teacher who was driving me to the hospital drove too fast on slick
roads and fell in the ditch. Don't worry, we both easily walked away.
However, I'm worried about the body damage on his vehicle from hitting a
fence. He put me in a taxi to the hospital by myself while he took care
of calling a service for his car.

At the hospital I got through reception ok, but the rest of the exam
promised to be interesting, so I called the retired English teacher who
lives above me. She came right away and she was great.

I haven't seen her since spring, opps. But the waiting room was a good
chance to catch up.

At the end they said I had had a little blood in my stool sample, and I
have a two percent chance of colon cancer. They said since I'm young,
it's probably nothing, but it never hurts (haha) to be sure.

I have to come in next week for an endoscopy. Japan is full of new

By the time we got out it was nearly one o' clock. So I bought my
translator lunch and then stopped at home before going back to work.
Call it a day?


Blogger Laurie Elliot said...

That's a day alright! We'll be praying. (This sort of thing always terrifies me... even back when I was young and nothing was ever wrong. :-)

12/07/2007 9:01 AM  
Blogger homsar said...

Ewww... endoscopies in Japan are HORRIBLE because you are awake for the whole thing. It's definitely worth it to take the rest of the day after the endoscopy off from work. My stomach was confused for a couple days after the procedure!

12/07/2007 10:01 AM  

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