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Friday, December 21, 2007

Catch Up

Well, first off. If you haven't heard yet. My colonoscopy went well. But I did have a benign tumor which was easily removed. I need to eat more vegetables and exercise more, opps :( eating slower, taking smaller bites, and chewing 32 times wouldn't hurt either. So kids, remember what your mother told you is true. "Eat your vegetables (or you'll get colon cancer)!"

In other news, I'm coming home for the first time in over a year. I'm really pumped.

One of my students who has been skipping school for about the last month came to my in class Christmas party. I hope she keeps coming after winter break.

While I was drilling junior high students, I had one student say behind my back in Japanese. "This foreigner (外国人) smells really good. He smells like my house! And that's strange because we've never really had foreigners come to our house." Usually I just ignore comments in Japanese, but this comment was so ignorant, I just couldn't let it go.

I asked the student if she uses "Boldo" detergent at home. She said yes. I said, "Well, I use 'Boldo' detergent too. That's why I smell like your house." I was a little offended at the time. But looking back on it now, it is pretty funny.

Oh, if you're like me and you've been saying "There is no Christmas Cake in America." You'll be surprised to know that Christmas Cake is a tradition in England (and the Philippines). Or at least that's what Wikipedia.

Oh, and if you've been correcting students that the "going to the toilet" is actually "going to the bathroom" or "restroom", I've met an Australian who claims that Aussies actually say "toilet" when they mean "bathroom". And he uses it that way too.

That's about all for now.


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