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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Two Major Japanese News Stories

1) The English Conversation School "NOVA" has gone bankrupt leaving
4,000 foreign English teachers unemployed.

2) Starting in November, the Japanese government will start
fingerprinting "all" people who are not ethnically Japanese who enter
the country. There are many ethnically Chinese and Korean people living
in Japan because of World War II. These people are, of course, not
ethnically Japanese. The idea that foreigners cause crime is widely
accepted in Japan. Years ago the Japanese government tried to require
them to be fingerprinted.

However, ethnic Chinese and Koreans have protested many times for their
rights. So in this legislation they have been graciously omitted. So
mostly "non-Asians" are being fingerprinted. Some people call this
racial profiling or a violation of privacy. Whatever it is, it is
defiantly Japan following the lead of US policy Good or bad, the US is
an example.


Blogger Laurie Elliot said...

So we're going back to getting fingerprinted? Its hard to get too excited since we were fingerprinted for the first 20 years or so that we lived here. It was one of those "facts of life".

Our alien registration had our fingerprint on it and once it turned into a card instead of the little book - I liked those little books - we got the little plastic case to hide our fingerprint from the public gaze.

I have more random information on the history of this subject but I'll wait until the next time I see you.

10/31/2007 2:36 PM  

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