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Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Four Humors for Healthy Living

I just had a talk with SL over Skype. She's really great. She thinks
there are four things (humors) necessary for a healthy life:

  1. Physical

    • Eat right

    • Exercise

    • Sleep right

  2. Emotional

  3. Intellectual

    • Reading

    • Musical

    • Creative / Art

    • Etc.

    • studying ONLY Japanese is NOT healthy

  4. Spiritual

If you're lacking or overused in any of these areas, your life is
unbalanced. The hard thing is that #2 and #4 are almost impossible to

That said, I feel unbalanced. And I just noticed I've been unbalanced
for a while. I am more spacey than usual lately.

On a side note, Japanese people usually try to avoid offense at all
costs, but people can just be ignorant sometimes. Here's the quote that
offended me (originally in English):

"Are you over culture shock yet?"

Know that culture shock never quits, it gets less pronounced, but you're
fighting concepts you've formed since birth, and they don't just go
away. Some concepts you have to keep and some you don't. It's a never
ending process. It's not a sickness you just "get over".


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