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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The School Festival

This Friday and Saturday was the school festival. Friday was a performance day at the Civic Center. Saturday was a carnival type event at the school.

Here's me at the 1B exhibit. They made giant statues of cartoon characters with balloons. This is Anpanman. I was a little sad, one of my best students from 1B was manning the stand, but she wouldn't take a picture with me.

This is 3F. They did a dance to Alice and Wonderland. It was really well coordinated.

More dancing.

I've never taught these boys - they're basic track third year students - but they always talk to me. They were practicing in the parking lot on Thursday night.

Here are my second year junior high students.

And my second year elective students. Here they are trying to get people to come to the third floor and buy their floats. Root beer floats aren't cool in Japan, but they do have Cola floats, iced coffee floats, melon floats, etc. These guys are great, I just wish they spoke up a little more.

All in all the school festival was a lot of fun.


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