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Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend Highlights

My favorite junior high English teacher is still having tests at the
hospital for internal problems. Please pray for that.

Saw the Japanese dance style Yosakoi festival on the main street near my
apartment, and I ran into friends from the local college there.

Found out most of my friends from the local college are leaving Japan in

Went to karaoke with the staff of Kinokunia, again.

Went to karaoke with my college student friends - that's twice in one

Drove to the next major city with O-sensei to renew my foreign
registration. They said they'd "look into it" and I'm have to come back
and do more paperwork in about a week.

Drove around with O-sensei for fun (and it was great weather), then went
to the Jomon site and learned some things about ancient Japan.

I was on a down slide the last few weeks, but I'm feeling better.


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