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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

When I first started speaking Japanese

When I first started studying Japanese, I was reading a little yellow
Lonely Planet book I had borrowed from a friend. There was a Japanese
girl I saw a lot on campus, I knew her name but I had never talked to
her. She looked so cool.

I read "O-genki desu ka?" ("how are you?") in that book, and sooo wanted
to say it to this girl. But I didn't know how to pronounce it and I was
afraid to say anything. It would be kind of weird to meet someone the
first time and hear them greet you in your own language... and then they
can't say anything else. So I never said anything.

Now I am the one, cool foreigner that every one is afraid to talk to.
When I looked into smy students eyes today in class, I wondered if they
were feeling the same way.


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