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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


At the local library, I found a very useful book called, "Getting around
A. Prefecture". It would have been very useful about six months ago. I
requested a copy for the next teacher from the printer - A. Prefectural
Foundation for Improving International Relations - but the book is no
longer in print. So I photocopied the whole thing. There was no
copyright in the front of the book, so it's completely legal for me to
do. :)

And I'm going to go and visit the "A. Prefectural Foundation for
Improving International Relations" as soon as I can, and see what other
resources they have. They provided an easy-to-use map in English on page

So with my success at the local library, I decided to try the high
school library. It was a rather sad but useful trip into the past. The
collection hasn't been updated since the sixties or seventies - probably
the same time the current building was built.

It's kind of sad the slant of Christian libraries. I found two complete
Bible commentary series, as well as multiple histories of missionaries,
and collections of sermons and devotionals intended for American
audiences. Many of these books had been donated by "The Women's
Missionary Society" or individual missionaries themselves. I recognized
their names inside the front covers from the school history brochures.

I'm not exactly sure when "The Women's Missionary Society" quit being
involved with my high school, but I know they haven't been here in the
last ten years or so - neither personally or financially.

While the library was very useful for me (I took out four books,
although I'm not sure when I'll have time to read them), I doubt many of
the English students are interested in such heady books.


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