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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Consider this, 80% of the information on the internet is English. How
much of the world speaks English as their native language? I'm sure it's
much less than that. What follows are some random thoughts on English:

Have you ever considered how strange it is that you can go anywhere in
the world, and just ask if someone speaks English?

Have you ever thought about why that is? Have you ever thought about the

It's way easier for other Western cultures to learn English, because the
cultural concepts and norms are similar. It's really hard for Asians to
learn English because the cultural concepts and norms are /completely

On the flip side, other Asians learn Japanese way faster than Westerners
because their cultures are similar - yes, I'm jealous.

Have you ever considered how many people's opinions are not considered
worldwide, simply because they don't speak English?

Have you ever gone somewhere and asked if someone speaks English?

Speaking a second language develops a second personality - especially
when you're immersed - that is influenced by the culture. I'm way more
polite and considerate in Japanese. Have you ever thought about what
would happen if everyone spoke a second language?

English is the medium for international business.

What is the point of learning a second language?

It's hard to remember more than two languages. Every now and again when
I try and speak Spanish - yes I've spoken Spanish in Japan - it comes
out as a mix of Japanese and Spanish. Isn't that interesting?

I think mixing languages is okay. Even if you don't understand the word,
you understand the feeling. And talking with your hands and pointing
defiantly helps.

Speaking a second language helps you realize how helpless you are. And,
I think, it makes you more of an understanding person in general.

k, gotta go.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fact: French was the learned language until world war 2. It was the international language.

You can thank the US for the marshall plan and kind of winning the cold war...well, Eastern Europe is def. capitalist of run by the mob....

It's the economic language of the world, and there is actually a masters study at the Uni Wien of what happens when non native speakers speak englisch, quite fascinating..

As far as second language communication, yeah, it does make you feel stupid because you have to simply concepts, but at the same time much fun is had trying to figure out another persons feelings and opinions, and puts far more emphasis on spending time with people in order to appriciate their culture and who they are as a person, which, is most important of all in friendship

5/04/2007 8:21 AM  

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