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Friday, March 09, 2007

Where is Mario Now?

Ever heard of the Mario Brothers? Donkey Kong? Star Fox?

Shigeru Miyamoto who designed the characters that dominated most of our video game free time as children has recently issued a statement on more "positive emotion...a sense of satisfaction, glee" in video games rather than a "lust for gore and realism".

Gamers wear their name tag with pride. And many of today's titles are actually marketed to the teen or twenty something crowd. And it's true, we were the first generation to grow up with video games, but perhaps we've outgrown our video games.

At a time when video games are being blamed for many of the world's problems, Nintendo is taking a responsible and Miyazaki-like stance. With the introduction of the Wii Nintendo stated that they wanted to create "an inexpensive console that is fun for everyone." And everyone I've talked to loves the Wii - a side from a few spranes (remember to read the safety manual). I think it's time to give the video games back to the kids.


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