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Thursday, March 22, 2007

B's Visit

My friend B from high school came to visit this week. Although she is a savy traveler in Europe, she's just okay in Asia. :) It was a little γŸγ„γΈγ‚“, but I enjoyed it. I got to translate for her a lot, and it really improved my Japanese.

I was surprised at how curious she was. She really enjoyed Japan. She even found historical and tourist places in town that I'd never heard of.

Here's the just of the trip:

Cheap sushi and Japanese friends. From left to right, B, M-chan and A-chan. M-chan drove us around town. She was really great. She even invited us to dinner with her family - it was my first time meeting her family too!

M-chan took us to I-temple - one of my favorite outdoor places. And then we went to an onsen (hot springs bath). B(DE) is a German exchange student, and he had never been to an onsen, so we invited him too.

"This is like, a scene from an epic movie or something," B(DE) said. There was also a ceremony of some kind being performed when we came. We watched from outside, but it was even the first time for M-chan. She didn't really know what was happening either.

And B(EN) speaks German, so she and B(DE) talked. Three languages can be confusing!

Later I gave B to J, another German exchange student, because I couldn't put up with all her energy anymore. Although we did a lot with J, I don't have any pictures of her. :( Sorry.

And of course we went to see the castle.


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