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Monday, February 05, 2007

Thank you Mr Abe

Well, I survived the first academic year here without a textbook. And
although I often casually mentioned that it was harder to have to plan
every lesson from scratch, this complaint was usually replied to with,
"Well, the other teachers before you made their own lessons." And
although it was a hassle, I did enjoy the freedom this allowed me.

But for next year, Prime Minister Abe and the Ministry of Education are
requiring schools to teach Oral English I at least twice a week, and
Oral English II at least three times a week. They also require that the
classes be taught out of a list of textbooks recommended by the Ministry
of Education.

Mr. Abe's education reforms are controversial, and I can't say I agree
with or understand all of them, but at least for this reason I am glad
for the reforms. Because I GET A TEXTBOOK to teach from.

Thank you Mr. Abe.


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