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Thursday, February 08, 2007

STEP, School Budget and Politics

Remember how I just said enrollment was up and things were some what
stable? Well, I was wrong.

I just sat through a meeting about continuing budget cuts - which will
probably include selling the soccer field. The high school is related to
a private college and another private high school, and the organization
as a whole still isn't doing well. So there's still a long way to go.


In other news, I'm helping two of my students study for the STEP test
(an English proficiency Test) for the next two weeks. I guess this is
pretty common in Japan. All the teachers are taking a few students from
their classes and helping them study. The students I'm assigned to are
great students, but I hate standardized tests. Here's why:

I looked at the results of all my students, their STEP test scores,
their grade in my class, and their overall grade from last term. The
STEP test scores were the exact opposite of their grades here at the
high school. My good students did poorly, and my slacker students did well.


Oh, and I went snowboarding with my new friend M-san. It was my first
time! And man am I sore! And I forgot to take pictures! Oh well, there's
always next time.


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