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Friday, December 22, 2006

Over Christmasing

Two nights ago I went out to eat at an Izakaya where I know the master.
I was eating alone at the bar and a family came in. A father, a mother
and a son with a red Power Ranger toy. The son sat between the parents.

The master asked if the Power Ranger was a Christmas present. The small
boy replied with, "What?". The father explained that he didn't want the
boy learning about Christmas. He didn't want him to "like shopping too

It sounds kind of odd when translated literally, but it's really sad
when you speak Japanese. So here's a little language lesson so you can
understand it.

"kaimono sugi" = like shopping too much
"tabe sugi" = over eat
"nomi sugi" = alcoholic or hang over (depending on context)

Basically the father said he doesn't want the boy to develop bad habits
of consumerism.

It was really sad for me to have Christmas, the birth of my Savior, put
on the same level as alcoholism. But I understand his concern. Christmas
is purely consumer centered here (thank you multi-national corporations
and big business). And I respect that father, a lot


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