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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Love those persimmons

There is a teacher here that I am having a hard time loving. She is so
strange, and sometimes slightly insulting.

This morning she came to my desk and said, "N-sensei, did you enjoy the
persimmons? They are high in Vitamin C. Very good for a hangover." Big

Do I look like I have a hangover?!? I realize I still look lost
sometimes here, and for good reason. I still can't understand what
people say at the meetings here! But I'm not drunk. Nor was I drunk last
night! In fact, I rarely have a hangover on Saturday morning. And it's
Tuesday! Who gets drunk on Monday night?!?!

Other insulting incidents from this teacher include interrupting me in
the middle of class to tell me to use colored chalk instead of white
chalk - to make my point clearer. That in itself was a good idea. But
stopping class while I am in the middle of teaching students, and
insisting that I use colored chalk at that very second?!? To the point
of putting the colored chalk in my hand!

Good idea, wrong presentation.

I know I am the missionary / teacher at a private Christian school. And
I am supposed to love everyone. But it is so hard to just be kind to
her! Argh! She is intolerable!

Okay, that's enough ranting. I'm feeling better already.


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