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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Flavor of the Week

Here's my new dream this week: 1) move to Seattle, 2) get job teaching
English to Japanese or Asian students part-time, and 3) work on an ESL
degree or certificate. All this would happen after my two years here are

I've already spent too much dreamy time today Googling programs at U Dub
(the University of Washington) and the Seattle Times. Any other ideas on
how to make it happen? Leave a comment or mail me!

Also this week I decided to start studying for the JPLT (Japanese
Language Proficiency Test). I still think it's a worthless test, but I
need to learn the practical kanji on there for work and life in general.
So I'm lying to myself, so that I will study Japanese harder. The test
is in early Decemeber. I want to have levels 3 & 4 down pat by then. :)
Half my life in Japan will be over by then! Agh!


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