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Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Weeks in Review

Well, three weeks ago I started eating at a place called Lotta. I met some of the nicest people I have ever met in Japan there, and we got to be friends. Most of them work at restaurants downtown, so I`ll see them around.

Two weeks ago it closed for good, and I went to the "Last Night Party". There was a juggling bartender, and impressionist painter, and a jazz band.

Last week, we had a church bazaar (there`s a season for that, like school festivals). We sold cakes and cookies, fruit, etc. I was suprised at how many people came. We just had some stands inside and outside, and some posters. And the community was really supportive. Maybe we should consider this activity in the States.

This week I had the best freshman lesson ever. It was on -ing verbs, it was fun and slightly challenging. And I started to actually work with the freshman teachers! Hopes are good for this week`s lesson, and finals review is looking bright. The term is over in four weeks! Crazy!

This weekend K-chan came to visit me. She helped me buy a futon and sheets. And at the shoppu (Japanese department store with an arcade) We saw M & D, and an old friendly contact, M-san. K-chan and I went to an izakaya, and after that we ran into M-san`s restaurant, so of course we had to go in and have something and talk with him. It was really fun.

K-chan came to church with me - and confirmed that it`s a pretty boring place - but she got to met A and A-chan. A said Hirosaki University was having a festival and we should go. So we did. We bought all kinds of food at stands and saw some great dancers. But we didn`t buy mochi from the person in the monkey costume.

I have a student who will be attending the same college K-chan graduated from in the spring (Japanese school year). And we randomly ran into her at the festival. And A-chan drove us around so we could make it to the station in time to get K-chan home. That was REALLY nice of her.

And Monday`s looking bright. I`m mostly planned already for the week. My regional director from the RCA is visiting me this Wednesday, and I`m strongly considering attending an ESL conference next Sunday.

I hear the elections are going rough in the States. And that`ll be in my prayers. My students are going through the regular puberty enhanced, teasing, stressful teenage life, so remember them. And be sure to write me an email or comment sometime!


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