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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Travel Headaches

Well, I`m not going to the ESL conference in S City like I thought I was. In hindsight, I should have started planning for it a long time ago. Public transportation actually gets used in Japan.

The conference is on Sunday. And like a good teacher, I didn`t look at tickets until Saturday afternoon. Turns out a bullet train ticket to S City is nearly 20,000 yen round trip. A ticket to Tokyo is 25,000 yen round trip, and S City isn`t even half way to Tokyo.

However, the bus is 8000 yen round trip, but I can`t go there and back in one day with the conference schedule. So I would have to get a hotel room too - that`d add at least 5000 yen. And the last bus on Sunday leaves exactly when the conference ends. So I would have had to a) get a substitute on Monday, but I`m starting the final test review for freshman on Monday, b) take the bullet train back home one way for 14,000 yen, and get back to H City at 11 pm Sunday night.

Assuming I took the bus round trip and brought my own food, the total would be 14000 yen. Not bad, but I got to bed at eleven on Wednesday night this week, and I was just worthless the rest of the week. So, I guess I`ll find something else later.

I guess if I really like travel as much as I say I do, I need to start planning more. :)

And I missed a cheap Thanksgiving dinner (I know, it`s early, I don`t get it either) because I was looking for tickets. And it`s been raining heavy all day. But I think I might finally catch up on my sleep tonight. But then again this is the first crappy weekend for at least a month.

By the way, they`ve started advertising for Christmas over here too.


Anonymous Nanette said...

Hey Nick,
Was it Canadian Thanksgiving? We celebrate in mid-October, you know. Less pilgrims, more Indians! :-)

11/17/2006 4:04 AM  

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