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Monday, November 06, 2006

Random Japan Facts

In Japan, "American coffee" means weak coffee.

"American dogs" means corn dogs.

"American cookies" means sugar cookies.

There are only too countries in the world that call futbol soccer. In America it`s soccer. In Japan it`s "sakka".

Most Japanese people don`t care about their flag. It is unusual to see a Japanese flag flying somewhere other than a governmental building. This is because of lingering guilt about Japanese imperialist in the last century.

When teenagers put up their two finger in photos, it really does mean peace, and they know it. And they actually really care about peace. But it is kind of trendy too.

In Japanese, the word for part-time job is "beito". It comes from German. I don`t know why.

It's way faster to txt message in Japanese than it is in English. And actually it's not txt messaging. They have real internet and email on their cell phones.

There's also a weird looking square barcode you can put on a poster, and if you can scan it with your cell phone's camera and go directly to the web address.

Generally, female students in my classes pick up English much faster. Male students tend to speak louder and have worse pronunciation. Female students speak quietly, sometimes inaudiably, but have excellent pronunciation.

My students who are under 14 years old generally pick up English much faster. And they mimic my pronunciation much better, and retain it longer.


Anonymous Orchid said...

In Japanese, the word for part-time job is "beito". It comes from German. I don`t know why.

"beito" is just an abbreviation from "arbeito" which means part time job in japan. It comes from the german word "Arbeit" which just means "work". I don't know why it came to Japan and turned into another meaning.

11/12/2006 5:31 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

What a random thing to come across in the google search "random fact about japan" looking for stuff to put in my next Asia-Pacific Children's Convention Newsletter. :P

Flicked through the rest of your blog - The hospital one from the 6th gave me a giggle.

When my friend was on an exchange in Japan she got a really pathetic cold. The sort of thing that you would just truck on with anywhere else. But her homestay family carted her off to hospital anyway.

Ahh fun times in Japan. :P

12/17/2007 10:10 AM  

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