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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Weekend

On Friday I had sushi with the new JETs. It was cheap sushi, but it was actually better than the cheap sushi I had near A-chan & J`s house in Tokyo. There I got a fresh dose of sarcasm. It`s funny sarcasm doesn`t really exisit in Japanese, and it took me about a half hour to get used to it again. But what really got me was that I hadn`t missed it. I only noticed it was gone after I saw it again.

Then we went to an arcade, and H beat me at Tekken5. She beat me pretty badly. :(

But somehow I had had my fill of them, and then I went to karoke with A and the college group. A is supper busy now. And I should be too. I really should have worked more on my lessons on Saturday, but I didn`t. I`m about four days ahead, but I need to work on making my lessons more interesting.

BTW, in Japanese the word for fun also means interesting, and vice versa.

On Saturday I went out with H-chan and E-chan. We went to an izakaya and two bars. H-chan is pretty good at English, and she really wants to learn more. She has a lot of heart. She`s second only to O-sensei. By the way, O-sensei has started picking me up in the morning because it`s too cold to ride my bike. We speak Japanese on the way to school. Between him, H-chan and the Japanese class I`m learning way too much Japanese.

O-sensei tries to teach me too much Japanese though - the same thing I`ve been doing to my students. Oops. And actually that`s pretty common among the Japanese people who try and teach me. It`s easy when you`re teaching something that`s a part of you. This weekend I also talked to B. B runs a fashion and "used clothing" shop near my apartment. B is Nigerian, but he married a Japanese woman. He`s pretty insightful for a business owner. He told me yesterday, "teaching is hard work, because you have to be patient and explain just a little of something you really love. It`s really hard work."

Today H-chan is going to a famous art exhibit with me, even though she`s already been there. It closes today, and she said I shouldn`t miss it. People have been coming here from all over Japan to see it, but I think I might be the only person in Japan who thinks it`s just okay. Even the JETs all think it`s amazing. But H said, "it`s way better than whatever you expect." So maybe I`ll be delightfully suprised.


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