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Saturday, September 30, 2006

My student's father

Today I was at the post office mailing my mother's birthday present (by the way, it only takes the Japanese postal service one week to mail a package to the USA, and that's the slow cheap way), which I was dreading because of the customs form.

But one of my students was at the post office. She was mailing something with her father. As it turns out, her father works with Microsoft, he speaks excellent English, and he is going back to the USA for business next week. Their family is friends with a family in Seattle, and my student has stayed with that family in Seattle before.

I was hoping to let my student practice some simple English, "How long will it take this package to get to the USA?" But her father stole all the answers. He was a show off. But he was very nice and made my day much easier. He also told me to lower the estimated value of the package to almost nothing, that way it would be cheaper to ship.

Secret English Speakers of the world unite!


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