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Sunday, September 17, 2006

More people

Last night got together with M from the bookstore and his girlfriend D. They are both JETs and they`re pretty good people. The one thing about native English speakers is that they`re always changing. Both M and D had just arrived here when JE was about to leave. So they hung out with him a few times but didn`t really know him.

A thought she knew M, but she wasn`t sure. As it turns out D knows A so A knows M through D. If A is traveling at a rate of 100 m/sec, and M is traveling at a rate of 120 m/sec, how long will it take for A to meet M? I hope you`ve enjoyed this trip back to algebra class. :)

All the JETs live in the same apartment building, and the NOVA workers live in another building together. So really I`m the most lonely foreigner at home. :) The JETs are more like assistant language teachers, and when they found out I plan my own lessons and teach by myself half the time, they congradulated me on being a real teacher. That`s a good way to look at it. :)

It was really great to meet M and D. They`re the first nice foreigners I`ve met since A. And she`s gone this week.

At church today I met Y-san. Y-san was the president of the state university in town before he retired. Before that he was a doctor. In fact he studied pre-med at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa! And then he went on to study medicine at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN! It`s small world after all. When I mentioned I was from Iowa he said, `Ah, Iowa, nostalgic!`. Back when my school was an all girls school, he went to the male counter part of our school. At the time both schools were Methodist. Now the schools are just part of the Japanese Council of Churches.


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