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Sunday, August 20, 2006

The foreigners

Yesterday at the bank I was getting cash. In Japan, you go into a little room with a few ATMs. It`s very private. It took me about three times to get it right and get my cash out. When I finished this stressful ordeal, I turned to go out the door. A caucasian man was finished getting cash as well. He just stared at me. So I said hello. He said the same. More odd silence. "I`m suprised to see another native English speaker." I said. "Yeah," he said, "It`s another one! Another one!" he said as he walked out the door. Weird.

This weekend I also saw what I believe to be a family of eight American tourists - I didn`t talk to them because I don`t know anything about H yet.

At church this morning I met two foreign English speakers - A and C. C is finished with his study abroad and leaves Friday! But A is staying for another year or so. A and I were elected to teach an English Bible class Tuesday nights. (These people move fast) But I am glad for the extra relationships and experience this will get me. And the church actually has planned curiculum for me, unlike the high school.

Today I learned that the cyber cafe I have been looking for is actually right across the street from my apartment! A man at the library (half way across town) told me. He actually used my building as a landmark! Embarassing!

On the way here, I saw a rather tall Caucasian man with a hiking backpack entering a house. I noticed I was staring. I hate people staring at me. I`m such a hypocrite!


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