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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Random orientation facts

Step 1: Take off your clothes
Step 2: put them in a sealed bag, take a shower three times being sure to wash inside your mouth, nose, eyes, ears, etc.
Step 3: put on clean clothes
This should decontaminated you from exposure to biological hazards.

Muslims believe there are two angels assigned to each person. One to document every good act you have committed, and one to document every bad act committed.

Taking aspirin before a flight decreases your chances of having blood clotts.

Dengue fever is Malaria's evil cousin.

Isolation is a symptom of burnout, so is a lack of follow through.

The word for "stranger" and the word for "guest" are the same in most languages.

The USA State website tends to be a little jumpy about declaring a stage of alert in foreign countries. For more realistic alerts try the Canadian or British State websites.

A Chicago Transit (CTA) Day pass lasts 24 hours from the day it was purchased. That means one card can get you through most of a weekend if you work it right.


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