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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Orientation begins!

It's been a rainy start to the week here in Chicago, but that hasn't kept our spirits down. Most everyone here has been very polite and friendly.

I made some friends this week, and I became a social runner. I've run at least four miles this week! Me, I ran a distance more than a mile, repeatedly. And it's only Wednesday. My new friends who have spurred me onto greatness are Tim, Adam and Lori. Without them I would have quit long before two miles - or not even started.

The conference is a ecumenical event and combines the talents of the PCUSA, the RCA, the ELCA and the United Church of Canada. I have been pleased to see volunteers from all ages and backgrounds here. There are about seven volunteers going to Japan, and we might start a Japanese conversation table at lunch tomorrow. Later this week we will be visiting mosques in
an effort to be stretched in a culture unlike our own.

I also had my first slice of Chicago-style deep dish this week. It was both filling and delicious.


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