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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Lost in a sea

At the end of our trip to Japan during the summer of 2004 AY, JV, and I were waiting to board our flight back to the USA at Narita airport.

JV casually commented, "Oh yeah, can you drive AY and I back to OC?"

"What?" I asked. I had assumed JV had already arranged transport back home from the airport. But it was okay, OC was sort of on the way to my hometown. And after all, what are friends for?

Our flight departed at 3 pm Japan Standard Time. Twelve time zones later we were back in the USA.

After a quick stop off at the twin's (SM & MM) house - and some Kix cereal - we started the long interstate drive home. The first hour was okay. After about half an hour JV was asleep in the passenger seat, and AY was asleep in the back. It was a hot August evening, and after 12 hours of jet lag, it was getting hard to concentrate.

In some ways I was glad they were asleep, the lack of sleep made any conversation irriating. But then again I needed something to help me focus. I was thinking so hard. Mirror, speedometer, accelerate, gas, road, mirror.

I used to wonder why the foreign exchange students had such a lost look on their faces, why they stuck together in small groups. And as I drove through hours and hours of corn fields I began to understand.

I had spent the last week and a half barely understanding bus drivers, train engineers, shop owners, and waiters. I was ready to get home. They had driven these endless hours into a place far from home, and they were not going home anytime soon. And I saw why they stayed in groups, because even though I knew the road, all I really wanted was for my friends to wake up. As I tried to focus on the simplest tasks, all I wanted was something familiar.


Blogger ariel said...

That's an amazing photo. Did you take it, or did you steal it? If so, where did you steal it from?

4/25/2006 11:54 AM  
Blogger NB said...

Actually, you could just click on it and see. :)

It is just a stock photo. I wish I was that skilled. It's from Stock xchng.

The flickr bar on the left is all my photos, and I promise I'll put some of my own photos in there as soon as I have something interesting. :)

4/25/2006 9:22 PM  

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