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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Destined for S. High

A year ago I applied for a job teaching English in Japan through the denomination my college is affiliated with. After six to eight months there had been a few positions open, but most positions specifically requested women, or hired someone already working in the country.

When I asked my recruiter/middleman if I should be concerned about the long wait he said the denomination would love to have me work for them, but it would be understandable if I looked into other options.

I was a Computer Science major in college, and for the first six months after college I was a programmer. However, I was let go after six months. I had been applying to a few other places while I was working full-time. But with my new-found spare time, my search went into high gear.

I tried to get a job from AEON and postings from along with tips from my friends already living in Japan. I got rejection from every place I tried. Nothing specific, just "we found someone more qualified".

So after three months of desperate seeking and rejection, my denomination has come through with a school that wants to hire me. So now I know that I have no other options, this job at S. High is the only path fate has handed me. I'd better make the best of it.

To my school, my denomination, my family, and my country, I promise to represent you all well.


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